This is Rudy from Laredo, TX and he lost 40 pounds! You can tell too that he did some hardcore workouts because his pecs and arms are the same size in the after photo. Normally when people lose fat, they lose it everywhere including the arms and pecs so Rudy added substantial muscle in these areas. Congratulations Rudy!

Rudy writes:

“My Name is Rudy. I been weight training and trying to get in shape for at least the past 2 years. Of course when I first started, I had no idea what I was doing so process was very slow at the beginning and I was starting to get demotivated, that wasn’t until I started researching and googling when I discovered scooby’s website. I read everything on his website and digested every bit of information he had to offered. So it wasn’t soon after that I started to see results, I started to get stronger, and leaner, and losing weight. I was so happy with myself. It took a lot of hard work and patience and I think patience was ultimately the key to my success. Thanks scooby for this great website, hopefully my story inspire others to get in shape as well.”