This is Rok from Silicion Valley, California and I hate him because he is leaner than I am :) He made this transformation in 5 months and this is a great illustration of how to get 8-pack abs. His abs were there in the left photo, you just couldnt see them under the 3″ of fat. You get ripped washboard abs like Rok’s by consuming fewer calories and doing more cardiovascular exercise – not from using ab machines or doing cruhches.

Rok writes:

“Hello Scooby, i love your videos. before I got into your program. I was still and athletic person. I play badminton and other various sports. but I couldn’t figure out why I was still chunky looking. Then i realize my nutrition is WAY out of wack. but now, every month, I can’t wait to see my progress! thanks for filtering out the crude that circulate the Internet!”