This is Omar from Abu Dhabi, UAE and what a transformation. Omar lost 17 pounds of fat that was all around his belly. Omar had that problematic “pear shaped” physique and he turned it into a “V” shape in 8 months! Congratulations Omar!!

Omar writes:

“I am Omar 30 years old from the city of Abu Dhabi, UAE. It took me almost a year to wait for this moment that I could finally share my fitness success to you and to your readers because as we all know losing weight and keeping fit is not something you could do overnight. And I am glad that finally I’ll be able to share my story. I have been following your workout plan and nutrition tips for a year now and I am on the intermediate stage of your program.

I started working out 3 years ago, but I noticed that nothing has changed much since I started lifting. I used to blame my metabolism because I came from a family with a profile of obesity. Then, one April morning, I stumbled upon your website and watched your videos on youtube and I discovered that there is something wrong with I have been doing (lifting and diet). From then on, I followed your workout and nutrition tips. Now, I workout 5 days a week and eat balanced diet.

Thank you so much Scooby for helping people like me to become fit without spending huge amount of money.”