This is Nick from Phoenix Arizona and he lost an incredible 82 pounds! After a stern but non-judgmental warning from his doctor, Nick decided to turn things around. He started exercising and watching his nutrition and the pounds started melting away. Not only that, with his newfound confidence he picked up martial arts again and by the time this is published he will have taken his test for his black belt! Way to go Nick!!! One thing I hear time and time again from people like Nick who have incredible weight loss like this is how unsupportive many friends and family are. We cant always choose those who are around us, but you can always find an online support group like the askscooby forum where friendly folks can empathize with you because many of them have been in your shoes. Next year I expect to see Nick in the success stories again as he continues to gain muscle and lose fat! Nick, you did it and we know you can do even more, go for it!

Nick writes:

“I have always been a big person, but when I moved to Arizona for work 3 years ago, I was the biggest I’ve ever been. After settling down in a place 2000 miles away from my home and recovering from some health issues, I decided to get things back on track. What really motivated me was when I went to a doctor here for a minor medical issue, he put a lot of attention on my weight (and actually my weight had to do with this issue). All of my life doctors have been on me about weight, but they’ve been rather cruel about it. I recall one incident where I was around 10 or so.. and the doctor cold faced said “you’re fat, and need to loose weight”. Upon meeting my current doctor, he explained to me in such a way that wasn’t hurtful or insulting, and highlighted that I was at high risk for diabetes and other serious medical issues. I then started focusing in and changed what I ate with some advice from my doctor and throughout the year he helped monitor my progress.

Shortly after my visit, I discovered Scooby’s site which combined with my doctors advise and martial arts, changed my life. I was inactive and eating around 3000+ calories a day and with some subtle changes and caloric reduction, the weight literally started melting off. It was around the time I discovered Scooby’s website that I decided to get back into martial arts. Now roughly 2.5 years later, I am 6’3 and 229lbs (roughly) and will be testing for my black belt in May 2011. For me the biggest obstetrical (which I still struggle with on occasion) is the constant negativity I’ve suffered growing up being overweight. Being told “you can’t do this, your too fat, too slow to do that” all the time, you eventually start to believe it. Seeing Scooby’s videos specifically breaking things down and not giving up.. being creative and coming up with ‘another way’ to do the exercise (ie: push ups.. if you can’t do them regular, use your knees). The positive attitude and belief that anyone can get fit is now a mantra I use to inspire people when asked about weight loss.