This is Nic from Carthage, Tennessee who shows us what a difference getting ripped makes!

Nic writes:

“My name is Nic from Tennessee. I’ve been on your program for about 6 months. I lift weights 4 days a week and do cardio 4 days also. When I took the before picture I had just been running off and on but not consistent. At the time I thought I was in decent shape with an above average looking mid section. Since being on the program I have drastically improved my abs and my overall physique.. The main key I think is eating right. You can run and lift all you want but you will get to your goal faster with the correct nutrition. Plus it is easier to keep the weight off when your food intake is right. I am not finished and plan to keep adding muscle. I also would like to lose a little more body fat. Thanks for your incredible program and all of the great information!

Thanks again Scooby!”