This is Moga from Romania and look at his incredible transformation. Moga lost 10kg and packed on some muscle with hard work and strict nutrition. He lost 10kg of scale weight but judging from the photos, his muscle mass went up by 5-10kg so he really lost about 15kg of fat. Truly incredible, even I was fooled, I thought he was heavier in the after photo – its that great illusion where ripped people look heavier and more massive than they really are.

Moga writes:

“Hello Scooby,

Before i say anything else let me tell you a big ” Thank you !”. Over the past year i’ve been using your workout plans and nutrition guides to help myself become the person i am today.Through training not only that i improved my physique but my mind also. You helped me find the true strengh inside me.

I now have my diet in check, I do jump rope HIIT and I began a combination of intermediate and advanced workout. My name is Moga Ioan ( John for English) , I’m 18 and I’m from Romania. Thanks again Scooby !

The Before foto was taken in august 2010 and the After in April 2011.