This is Mike from Moncton, Canada and he lost an incredible 82 pounds of fat in a year! Not only that, its clear that Mike gained some serious muscle too. Congratulations Mike!!! Getting fit is not just for single people, its for people like Mike here who have kids too! Home workouts are the perfect thing for those with families because not only is it time efficient but it allows you to spend more time at home.

Mike writes:

“My before weight was 274 (January 2010) and my current weight is 192 ( January 2011). I am a father of three and decided in March of 2010 that I wanted to change my lifestyle for me and my children. I did a lot of research, trying to decide who I believed actually knew what they were talking about did not come easy at first. I searched chest exercises and found Scooby. I went on his website and went through all of his information. I was extremely impressed. At first I changed the way I ate. I ate 3 full meals and 1 snack. I lost about 5lbs a week for about 3 months.
I couldn’t believe how fast I was changing, I became addicted to exercise and good nutrition. I continue on my healthy quest and am still loving it.

Thank you Scooby for all of your advise!