This is Martin from Karlsruhe, Germany. He is a great example of working around injuries and a positive “no-excuses” mentality. He had a serious knee injury but didnt let it slow him down. Despite his serious knee surgery he reduced bodyfat and added muscle, way to go Martin!

Martin writes:

“Well im german, but i have some relatives in the USA, Florida… I started doing workouts again cause i was very disappointed about my body after i had to stay in bed for 7-8 months cause of some knee operations, so i searched for days on the net to find some usefull informations and than i found yours and was happy that its for free and many usefull vids and tipps how to do it at home … about my workouts , pretty all of my workout plan is copyed from your vids and matched to my situation i used to train 3 times a week and go jogging / swimming 3x a week and i think about start a splitt workout in about 3 months, greetings from germany