This is Maarten from Sint-Truiden, Belgium and what an amazing transformation! He is the same weight in both photos except in the after photo, its all muscle! Part of his success in getting so ripped was because he swore completely off alcohol after seeing my anti-alcohol video. Congratulations Maarten! One of Maarten’s heros (other than me of course) is his fellow countryman, Jean-Claude Van Damme. I’m sure Jean-Claude would be just as proud of Maarten as I am :) Its clear that fitness has become an important part of his life. One thing to note, this transformation took 6 years of hard work to complete! This was not quick-fix!

Maarten writes:

“I’m training since I was 16 but I made a big mistake. I have been training wrong many years using bad form, bad technique, bad planning,… Until I discovered Scooby. I started to use exercises he uses and every year I observed more and more and today everything I do, I learned from you! In the past years I suffered a lot from injuries because of the bad form and using to much weight. But I hold on. I train in my basement and 5 times a week I train 50-60 minutes. I learned the technique of you to let every food pass the weightscale. But I never give up so I faught with you by my side and this is what I am today. I talk about you everyday. I always say that it’s unbelievable how you motivate people trough media that also has bad influence on teenagers but you use it wich so much goodness. You are a hero to a lot of people. Thanx for everything Scooby. I’m a religion teacher and I always say: it’s very hard to walk the road of kindness, honesty, friendship, eternal love and it’s easy to walk the road of evil because it’s a huge road. But you’re walking the small road that leads to hapiness!”