This is Kristiyan from Sandanski Bulgaria and what a difference losing 7kg can make, especially when you gain muscle at the same time! Check out his facebook page and his website!

Kristiyan writes:

Hello Scooby and Scooby’s fans!
Its me Kristiyan here! I started lifting weights like 3-4 years ago and at the begining I was fat but I was super motivated and changed myself.
I found Scooby’s videos on Youtube and watched them ALL and learned anything I needed! Of course always there is something to learn and I never stop searching for new information. Things that I realised is that maybe 60% of the success is nutrition and 40% is lifting weights.
The first year of my workout life i didn’t follow any nutrition plan and I was eating everything and the results were bad.. Then by watching scooby’s vids I decided to start follow strict nutrition and it was the best choice i’ve ever done. Everything I achieved is by pull up bar,dips bar and 2 dumbels of 6.5kg and 1 of 18kg. I’m lifting at home ,or at the school yard. I didn’t use protein powder or any supplements.
Just the food in the fridge. Thats all,here are my before and now pictures