This is Justin from Rancho Cucamonga, CA who went from a no-pack to an 8-pack. What a transformation, he lost 20lbs of fat and added muscle! Congratulations on the amazing transformation Justin! Keep us posted on your progress.

Justin writes:

” I was inspired by you and your videos,(you being almost 50 and maintaining this kind of physique) i had really let myself get out of shape, so i decided to take my time away from the
sedentary lifestyle of strict gaming and poor nutrition. I decided to invest my time else where and bodybuilding was something i was always interested in. So i went on youtube put in “bodybuilding” and i found your videos and tutorials that gave me the best advice that taught me not only the basics of bodybuilding but to approach everything with skepticism, I followed, practiced it, and now i live it. It really feels great, and i just really want to thank you for giving back and changing peoples lives for the better.
As far as training goes i mostly do cardio first thing in the morning. i love the endorphin release ,the feeling,and the euphoria  just feeling amazing… I drink a cup of black hard coffee(no sugars) and go for a run,brisk walk, or jump rope-my favorite. I’ve changed my lifting style a numerous amount of times just to kill adaptation going from light to heavy, and changing the days i workout from 5 day splits, to 4 day splits to 2 on 1 off 3 on 1 off etc… The base of it is just 4 different exercises for major muscle groups like Chest,Back, Legs and 3 different exercises for minors such as biceps,triceps,shoulders(inc.traps), calves.

I’m a huge fan of Hans!!(haha), as well of all your hardwork and dedication to this site that does wonders,  i hope you consider me for one of your success stories :)”