This is Jonasz from Edinburgh, Scotland and he is a great example of what a transformation you can make when you lose weight and do weight lifting at the same time. Jonasz is also a great example of how losing weight makes you look much more massive even though you actually weigh less. Look at the amazing top photo and compare it to the bottom one. He looks much more massive in the top (after) photo even though he weighs much less!

onasz writes:


I am an architect and I find amateur bodybuilding very enjoyable! I’ve found your films on youtube about year ago and since then I’ve been trying to use your system. Before that i wasn’t excercising for about 5-7 years at all. First 5 months excercising 3 days/week: 1h weightlifting+ 1h cardio (cross-trainer, burning 600-1200kcal/h) I’ve lost 20 pounds in 5 months (avg -83 grams/day) I can chest-press some 150kg on the ‘butterfly’ machine, and do about 25 pull-ups. both are my highest numbers ever!
I like keeping record of things so please find enclosed my body weight graph.
After 5 months, I gave up cardio, and started gaining fat as quick as I was loosing it, so now I am starting cv again.