This is James from Denton Texas and I love his success story! Working out doesn’t just make you studly, that’s a pleasant side effect. Working out and watching your nutrition makes you healthier, happier, and can turn your life around – that’s what it did for James here. After a car wreck and numerous back surgeries, James was left depressed, overweight, and a heavy drinker. Then he decided to do something about it, and then some! He started working out and eating well. Not only did James lose 50 pounds but he is once again strong as an ox. Congratulations James!!!

James writes:

“When I had just turned 21 I weighed about 205lbs and could bench press 425lbs and I could leg press 1200lbs. Due to some set backs from high school football I had some back issues and could not squat and I was in a car wreck that really destroyed my spine for sometime. Because of these two things I had to have 4 back surgeries in the next 5 years. During this time I let myself get weak and fat… I began to drink heavily. At the age of 27 I had gotten up to 285 lbs and was very depressed. I never thought it possible to be this out of shape and so unhappy. At this point I had also found your website and decided to make a change. I cut back on drinking a good deal, changed my diet, and I got a treadmill for my house.

Starting off I would do about 20 minutes of walking a day five days a week and started doing some light lifting with bands and 20lb dumbbells. Over time I have now worked up to a gym membership to get some heavier weights. I can now bench press about 350lbs again, leg press 900lbs, and can do light cardio for about an 1 hour straight. My back keeps me from running but I can still walk and ride a stationary bike. My diet was changed considerably as well. I went from fast food and cooking everything with butter to eating lots of chicken breast and veggies. The idea to put salsa on things was genius! Some grilled chicken breast on mixed greens and some salsa on top is greatness! The drinking was still an issue and was hard to cut back on and eventually I did realize I had a problem… So I quit drinking. I have now been sober for 8 months now. It has changed my life and made the last 15lbs come off pretty easy. Lastly during this time period I went back to college and finished my undergrad and now I am working towards my masters. Some how I did it all while working 40hrs a week or more. If you want it you can achieve it. Just make meals to snack on all day and know what you can buy when you go out to eat. I went on many restaurant websites and figured out what I could eat when I went there. It was a must for me and my busy schedule.

Thank you Scooby and all the people that help you out. The website helped me more than I could ever express. Taught me the importance of cardio, keeping up with calories, and how to care about what was going into my body. Thanks again. You guys helped change my life.