This is Jake from Hilliard, Ohio. What an amazing transformation, he lost 30lbs! Jake is also a reminder that our friends and family are not always supportive of the nutritional restrictions required to make an amazing transformation like this, don’t let them deter you! If he had bowed to peer pressure every time someone said “It’s just ONE piece of fried chicken …” he would not have the amazing physique he has today.

“I am 17 and have been lifting since December 2008.  I am from Hilliard, Ohio.  The first picture was taken December 10 and my most recent is from July 15. I was 170 lbs, and im down to 140 but im looking to bulk up to 155 again with about 7% bodyfat.   I try to train every day, although it is difficult with working.  I’ve been watching your videos since i’ve started, and have begun doing the more advanced bodybuilder workout techniques. I study and research bodybuilding at least an hour a day, supplements and lifts.  Its not just a hobby, but a lifestyle i really want to follow.  Im made fun of by my friends constantly for how strict my diet is, but its all in good fun. Thanks to your site I get plenty of complements on my body now :)
Thankyou! “