This is Griffin from Fullerton California and he lost 90 pounds! Congratulations Griffin!!! He completely turned his life around with his transformation, both inside and out. Griffin, I think many obese people reading your story below will identify completely. Thanks for sharing your story to inspire others to follow in your footsteps!

Griffin writes:

When I was overweight, I just didn’t even keep physical fitness in my life at all. I was an avid gamer, ate anything that came on my plate, whether it be pizza or fast food. I definitely probably felt invincible at the time, because I was so young and thought that no complication would ever arise – Diabetes / Clogged Arteries / etc. One day though, I just saw some images of myself and was horrified. I am definitely a morbidly obese person, who could easily win the role of Peter Griffin in a school play very easily. Also, every so often when I would see my grandmother, she would say, “Hey Griffin, you are getting really heavy and need to lose some weight, honey.” This used to anger me into a FURIOUS RAGE. How dare someone call me fat or overweight; and I had just honestly never opened my eyes until moments like that. I never understood how bad it had gotten. I really at that moment in my life, felt how bad it is to have negative titles like that addressed to you. But I do love my grandmother, and understand why she had to address the issue. If I had kept this up for any longer, every week and month that would pass by would be like playing Russian Roulette with my health.

From that moment forward, I made hardcore and swift progress to what I am today, and lost about 80 pounds of fat in 4 months. I did cardio every single day, and since that day in April 2007, I have never had a: soda / fast food / trans fat food / etc, ever again. Scooby’s videos were super insightful, inspirational, subtlely comedic, and the whole truth to help me achieve my goals. I definitely feel super alive, and am all of a sudden addicted to running + cardio. I can feel the effects in public and in lecture classes, because I now get a lot of looks from the ladies. Also, I definitely know that my fitness lifestyle has rubbed off on family members, and they will most likely soon follow in suit. My goals now are to lose just a slight bit more of body fat for a six pack, and to gain as much muscle mass that I can to my genetic max.

If any of you are reading this, I honestly hope that this and many other success stories like mine are a great inspiration. If you are obese like I was, and want to lose weight super badly, the time to start is NOW. Not next new years, not 3 months before you get married or start next semester, NOT: Oh Well, I am going to start tomorrow, might as well eat this whole box of powdered doughnuts before I start…

The next time you have free time, go on a nice peaceful walk or jog outside, or sit and focus in a bath / spa / sauna; and dwell on your fitness goal and why you want to do it. Psyche yourself up and DO IT NOW!