This is Erik and I had to twist his arm to let me publish his story. I know that some of you out there are exactly where Erik was at his low point – depressed and dangerously obese. Its important for people to know that it IS possible to lose weight and keep it off and you don’t need money to do it. Erik lost 136 pounds, probably saved his live, and turned his depression around – you can too! Erik, thank you so much for sharing your inspirational story! Congratulations!!!

Erik writes:

“Hi Scooby,

First I would like to say I have started to write this email several times in the past few months but always talked my self out of it. More importantly however I feel like I owe you a debt of gratitude. I have been following you for almost 2 years now and when ever I feel like giving up or swaying from my goals your website and youtube channel are always available for me to lean on. Truth be told, more then my friends and family you have been the inspiration I needed to keep going and give it my all. No matter what is going on in my professional or personal life that would otherwise push me to give up you have given me exactly what I need to be a better me. And for all that I truly thank you for all your efforts and hope my story will at least put a smile on your face.

At my highest weight I was 355 lbs. I was depressed and lonely. I was starting to show signs of diabetes and high blood pressure. I can honestly say that I half ass tried every diet and workout program their was to offer. It wasn’t the promise of a better body for $29.95 or the 30 days 30 lbs diet that worked for me in the end. It was the inspiration and dedication that you give away that got to me. Cost of scoobys plan? Nada! Effort from Scooby? 100% You care and charge nothing! I tip my hat to you sir and hope you understand that their are many more people like me that have not yet wrote this email to you yet. (although i’m sure this email may get lost in the swarm of fan mail)

And just like you I want nothing in return. I just want to share with you my success.

attached are three photos. One at my biggest(I can barely stand to look at the picture and im all the way to the left) and 2 from a few days ago took with a cell phone.

My progress:

I could barely walk on the treadmill when i started. lol
I forced myself to walk 30 minutes a day for about a month. I lost about 35 lbs
I cant remember all the details but I started lifting weights after
about 2 months.
I slowly progressed and after about 4 months I went vegetarian. This
is when I really started to shred weight.
I ended up a Vegan and working out heavy 6 times a week.
I am a different person. I am ashamed at the person I was.

I cant remember all the details and when I started what phase.

My current age is 31, Current weight is 219lbs 6’1″

I feel great, My life is better and you were there the whole time helping me.

Please dont put me on your website. I don’t want a T-Shirt. A reply to this email with a “Good Job” would make my year.

In short. I think what you are doing is awesome and selfless. Keep it up! Please!

Anyway Gmail wont let me attach the 3rd picture… If you would like more pics just reply and I will send

Take Care,