And last but certainly not least is the amazing Emil from London, England and his is is my personal favorite transformation story. At 295 pounds, Emil was so self concious that he wouldnt take a shirtless picture – now look at him!!!! Emil, thank you for sharing your story to show others that teenage obesity can be beaten with hard work and determination! By the way, just a note to others. Emil here is the one exception to my rule both the before and after photos have to be shirtless. If you can lose 115lbs or more like Emil did then I will gladly make an exception to the “shirtless photo rule” for you too :)

Emil writes:

“Sorry I dont have any pictures of me with my top off, didnt want to take them when I was fat and it has kinda carried on. I really dont feel comfortable taking a picture with my shirt off but just wanted really to let you know that I was greatful for you and your site as it has been very useful to me throughout the process.

At first it was difficult with friends and family (although my mum was very supportive) but when the possitive coments start coming in from them it makes everything much easier, this takes about 6months however. In the uk the drinking age is 18 so for me the major obstacle was alcohol, I had to cut it out all together for a long time. Portion sizes was a big problem for me, as was snacking.

My advice to anyone wanting to attempt weightloss is to structure your meals very carefuly and to eat only when you have planned for it, avoid snacking all together and everytime you go to the fridge ask your self do i need what i am about to eat. Also get rid of everything in the house that could make you snack (crisps chocolate etc) and go shopping with a list so you dont buy junk.

It would be great if you would put me on the success stories page.

Thanks again for all your help!