This is Dominick from West Palm Beach Florida and I am blown away by his transformation. If I were him, that tank top would stay OFF! :) He lost 97 pounds and obviously gained some muscle too. It took him 16 months of hard work to transform his physique but, wow! Dominick shows once again that you don’t need to buy any pills, books or expensive gadgets to lose fat and transform your physique, all you need is knowledge and the willingness to work.

Dominick writes:

“Sorry that my before pictures aren’t shirtless, but the ones that were didn’t have my face unfortunately.

I just decided in January of 2010 that I wanted to make a change. Although it was in January, I didn’t even think of it as a New Year’s Resolution. I knew it would be longer than those notoriously short-lived resolutions. I had been weight training for a few months prior, but I knew that I needed to learn more if this was going to work and be successful. I started feverishly researching everything I could about proper nutrition, when I came across your site. I then got my diet down and hit the fat loss at full speed, eating like a scientist by counting, weighing, and measuring everything. I soon realized all it takes is discipline and patience to meet your goals! I’ve made great progress, but I’m not done yet. What a great resource your website has been! It really gives someone who’s starting out an incredible foundation to build upon with all this knowledge that you give out for 100% free, just because you’re a good guy. Can’t thank you enough!!”