This is Dominic from Ireland and what an amazing turnaround! Look at the amazing amount of weigh he lost, congratulations Dominic! Obesity can be conquered!v

Dominic writes:

“Hi there Scooby, i started training/cardio in feb 2009 as i started to feel very overweight, sluggish and just plain meh.
I completely overhauled my diet and excercise plans doing 30 minutes of stepping everyday *i highly recommend this* followed by weight training but only recently have i actually started going to the gym, id say maybe 2 weeks ago i started but i did a lot at home including lifting bags with old spanners, hammers, screws and bolts in *anything with weight a bit of weight to it really* as i was stretched for cash at the time as i just moved in to my own apartment so buying weights was a big no no at that time.
Your videos were a huge inspiration for me and would like to give you a big thank you as this has really changed my life for the better, Thanks Scooby.”