This is David from New York and with a year of hard work, he had a serious physique transformation! David is one of these people where I wasn’t sure whether to put him in the weight loss success stories or the muscle gain success stories because he could have been in either! Congratulations David! In one year he turned a soft and flabby 210 pounds into 171 pounds of solid muscle! Way to go David!

David writes:

“Hello Scooby:

I started a diet with my wife in 2009 after many diets that I did before. After a month or 2 looking at You Tube i found your channel and I think like every one else I saw all your videos I learn a lot about a diet and the must important how to read the labels from food.

Today a weight lift and my nutrition is all base on my work out no more junk food or any food that can change my body dramatic. I still working out and focus on gain mass now and belive or not I will look like you when I get to 55 just so you now thats my goal.

Thank’s for all the help that you provided indirect.