This is Dany from Zurich, Switzerland. Losing one pound of fat a week may not sound like its very much but look how amazing the results are when you keep it up for 6 months! Dany lost 10kg (22lbs) in 6 months. Losing weight slowly is the way to go! Congratulations on the new physique!

Dany writes:

“Dear Scooby,

First of all I would like to personally (through email) thank you for your generosity of your work through your website. Time is the most precious thing we have and you spent a lot of it giving to the website for free. Noble.

I started out with nutrition. My biggest tip for anyone out there trying to get lean or fit is to start with nutrition. Nutrition plays a bigger part than training (even though I would recommend both of course).
Once I changed my nutrition to a healthy diet I started dropping weight quickly, with no training at all. This sparked my motivation and I wanted to get lean so I started doing a lot of cardio, mainly jogging. I would do twice a week about 10km and 4-5 times a week 5km. Now I do appx 5 km a day. Winter is coming up so there is a big challenge ahead, and I started jump roping for some indoor activity. I am currently doing Scooby’s intermediate weight training program. My goal is to gain appx 5kg of muscle in the next year or so and to stay lean, and to aim for that next “after” picture.

Many thanks for Scooby for his generosity and useful information!!!