This is 20 year old Danny from Scotland and he lost 99 pounds in 7 months and turned his health around. He was an old man in a teens body, his resting heartrate was 96 and normal activities he found exhausting – now look at him! Congratulations Danny!

Danny writes:

“im daniel i live in scotland and im 20
i was alwas obese as far as i can remember. i was lazy and ate crap all the time.
at end of may of 2009 i decided i had to change. my resting hr was 96bpm and by bmi was about 35ish maybe more.
my waist line was 46″ i weighed 125kg nearly 300lbs. i couldnt do a pullup, pushup and couldn’t ever run 50 metres.i couldnt move far for long alwas tired and really lazy.

at the end of may i bought an excersixe stationary bike. and started doing cardio. the
first time i nearly died i thought my heart was goin to explode. it would have been easy to stop but i had to change
i kept going and over the next few weeks saw a massive inprovment in my fitness i could keep cycling for a while.

7 months later i have lost 45kg or approx 120lbs.my waist line in 32″. i can run and cycle i can do 20 good form pushups and 7 pullups.
my reasting hr is 60bpm. and im not embarresed to do things now. i feel brilliant, look alot better and alot healthier.

i owe alot of my sucess to scooby vids and the forum. the vids are easy to follow and suit everyone, everythng is explained thoroughly. the forum is very informative and everyone is helpful.

i now follow the intermediate training program.

i have made a change for life no i have goals ambitions. i hope to be a royal marine within the next year.
and its all down to getting off your ass and doing the work. the more you put it the more you get out.

i have no piks with my top off. but this is me last new year 2009. you get the idea

i hope this is enough information please email if you need more”