This is Craig from Rockhampton, Australia and WOW – take a look at his great transformation! I had real trouble deciding whether to put him in the weight loss success stories or the muscle gain success stories because he deserves to be in both! Talk about a complete health and physique transformation, he went from “big boned” to bodybuilder with 2.5 years of hardcore workouts and strict nutrition. Its easy to focus on Craig’s visual results because they are so spectacular but what’s even more important is his internal health transformation – he went from pack-a-day, overweight smoker to fit and healthy natural bodybuilder. He doesn’t mention his blood pressure and cholesterol but I’m willing to bet his doctor is as impressed with his health improvements as we are with his visual transformation. One other really important thing to highlight here is that fitness and bodybuilding isn’t just skin deep. Bodybuilding can give you a confidence which can help you in many other aspects of your life: relationships, career, and friendships. It certainly helped Craig, it helped me, and it can help you too!!

Craig writes:

Craig's Story