This is Christian from Clermont Florida and he lost 29 pounds! This ex-marine showed he still has what it takes when he whipped his body back into shape in 6 months by not only losing 29 pounds of fat but in adding muscle as well! Congratulations Christian!

Christian writes:

“I used to be a Marine & I’m a war veteren. I got out in 2006. Since getting out I became a very heavy drinker, partier, & lets just say I had alot of trouble adjusting to a normal life outside the military, I’ll just leave it at that. I just woke up one day & realized that I hated the man I had become, I wasnt living with much honour. I completely cut out drinking & slowly but surely started weeding out all negative influences in my life. I use weight lifting routines from scoobysworkshop but change up my routine every 2 weeks or so. I also incorporate kettlebells, elastic bands, & use alot of functional body weight techniques I picked up from the “Monkey Bar Gym”. I run at least 5 days a week. I change it up between running 5 miles, or 2 miles mixed in with sprints. I also bike, hike, & try to spar boxing a few times a week. I feel better then I ever have & I’m in even better shape then when I was in the Marines. I was on a strict diet the first month but now eat whatever I want but in moderation. I eat about 6 small meals a day. I actually graze all day sometimes. I eat alot of trail mix. I pick up different ones every week.”