This is Chris from Elizabethtown Kentucky and I love his success story! Chris was overweight, out of shape and at a decision point in his life. He has a wife and daughter and had out of control blood pressure. He decided to give fitness a chance before resorting to medication and he did it! Thru nutrition and exercise he brought his out of control blood pressure back to normal, now that is a fitness success story! OK, its cool too that he took that big blog of fat on his belly and moved it to his chest and turned it into muscle – that’s cool too :) Congratulations Chris!

Chris writes:

” Hey Scooby, just wanted to say thanks for all the great tips and videos .In July 2010 , I was out of shape and my health was getting bad . I’m 5′ 9 , 36 years old and was 212 lbs. My Blood Pressure was horrible . Some people said I should go to a doctor for B.P . meds .Instead I went to the Gym and signed up . I gave myself a month to see a change or it was off to the Doctors office . I started watching your videos on You-Tube and said ok I have to make a MAJOR change in my live . For myself, for my daughter and my wife. I Started my work outs Monday Through Friday. A hour and a half a day. Boxing and lifting weights . I changed totally my eating routine . Went from Popeyes Chicken to eating mostly Greens , Baked Chicken and Cornish game hen baked . Which made a major change in my life . Now I weight 193 lbs , My B.P. has corrected it self . I’ve changed my working out through the months now to 5 days a week Monday- Friday 2 hours a day .30 mins of boxing and jumping rope .and 1 1/2 of lifting . Every day is a new day and there is no going back . Thanks for your time and energy helping out people with you videos and info . Every day makes a difference and nothing changes unless you change them. I’ve never missed a day working out in June 2010 and don’t planon stopping . Keep the videos coming and Ill be working hard and taking my “Scooby Snacks ” lol …Life is what you make of it , and Now I am making it AWESOME @ :)

Chris “