This is Bryce from Devon, Canada and he has shown us that teen obesity CAN be turned around! Bryce made a remarkable transformation from fat to fit and you can too! All it takes is dedication, desire, and knowledge. You can get the knowledge from this website, all you need to provide is the desire and dedication. Bryce lost 103 pounds in 17 months which is the perfect rate of weight loss, 1-2lbs per week. He lost the fat not from a fad diet but from solid nutrition and working out. Bryce has made such amazing progress in 17 months, I can only imagine his physique a year from now! When you lose a lot of weight, it is completely normal to have a little extra skin. If you are young as Bryce is, the skin folds will most likely disappear on their own over the next year or so. Congratulations to Bryce and his amazing transformation!

Here is what Bryce writes:

“All through elementary school i was the biggest slowest kid around. And i didn’t know it, i went to he gym on occasion and thought i was all buff and good looking. But then one day when i went for a checkup i overheard my doctor telling my mom that i was going to have huge health issues in my near future if i didn’t lose some weight. At that moment i realized that i had to do something fast or else i would not be around past my 20th birthday. So i started going to the gym more and more after school, i started watching what i ate and i did what Scooby told me to do on most of the videos i saw. I cut out all junk food and all fast food and cut back on my huge dinner portion sizes and i began to see results. First it was slow and i was very frustrated but then after a while it started to speed up and i began to lose 2-3 pounds per week and when that started happening i got such a morale boost and i knew that i could do it. Then after i lost my first 30 pounds i began to receive allot of compliments, not just from my family but from my friends at school and even people that hated me at school. Everyone began to see the difference and that helped my to push through it even easier. I stuck with the exercise plans of Scooby plus a little bit of my own creative doing and the trainers at my gym and i began to gain muscle under my fat and then that was where i began to plateau my weight between 182-188 pounds and Ive been there for a month or 2 now and i am just building muscle.

I must say to anyone who is trying to lose weight that it is not impossible and that you can do it with allot of willpower and determination. That is the biggest factor in losing weight. No matter what anyone says to you, you just have to stick with it and not give up. Say no to that pop at lunch, say no to hot dog day, say yes to the Brussels sprout!

Thanks so very much for your help!

And i would be very grateful if you allowed people to see my success.