This is Brian from New Milford CT and I love his success story because his situation is so common but he turned it around! As a teen and young man he kept in great physical shape but as the demands of being a father took priority, his health and fitness suffered. As Brian shows us here, this doesn’t have to happen! He now works out at home and is well on his way to being in better shape than he was as a 20 year old! You don’t have to choose between family and fitness, you can have it all if you workout at home!

Brian writes:

I am 32 years old and 6’3″. I was in peak physical condition in my mid to late 20’s weight around 180 – 185 lb and was hitting the gym 5-6 days a week. Then my wife and I bought a house and had a baby and out the window went my workouts. I did little to nothing for a good 2 years and started eating like crap. Fast forward to January 2010 I was 204 lbs and had a 39.5 inch waist. I decided enough was enough and got myself motivated again. I stumbled across this web-site by accident but it ended up being the best accident I ever made. With a 1 year old at home it is tough to leave for an hour to an hour and a half to go to a gym so I do all my workouts from home. Hence why all your home workouts appealed to me. I am still only a few months into my “new” life but can’t wait to see here I am in a year’s time thanks to Scooby.