This is Brandon from Toronto, Canada and he lost 26lbs fat and what an amazing transformation! In the before picture you can tell that Brandon is muscular but WOW, the shredded after photo is amazing! This is another great example of how losing bodyfat can make you look bigger! 26lbs lighter and yet Brandon looks more muscular and massive. Way to go Brandon!

Brandon writes:

Hey Scooby,

I am really inspired by your videos. I have been training fairly hard and consistently (5-6 times a week) since I was twenty. This past April my wife and I took a vacation away to the Dominican and I though to myself, “I have been working out for six years, and I am still would rather have a six-pack than bulky muscle that is hidden benieth fat.” Although I would not consider myself overweight and I certainly had a better body than most guys, I still was missing the elusive six pack. Inspired by your videos, I started really studying hard to get my training and nutrition down to a science. I am now training 6 days a week for about an hour to an hour and 20 minutes. I do 3 days a week of “traditional” weight training, 2 days a week of kettlebell and Trx training, and one day a week of Yoga. I plan on trying out your low-carb diet you have posted before I go away on my next vacation in February.