This is Ben from Ibiza, Spain and he lost 22 pounds and it he certainly added a significant amount of muscle too, it shows in the arms and shoulders! Congratulations Ben! Quite a transformation!

Ben writes:

“After my 16th birthday I decided it was time for a change in lifestyle. I didn’t enjoy the person I was becoming, and I had to do something before it was too late. Through the help of my father I was able to begin bodybuilding and soon enough I started to see changes. I focused mainly on cardio at first but then lifting weights became an important aspect in my workouts. I could feel myself becoming stronger and not waking up every morning feeling sluggish, instead I was full of energy and much more clear minded. Discipline and determination is what is needed. Changing your diet is difficult, but you get used to it and eventually you really start to enjoy it. I’ve learnt so much because of Scooby’s videos and I’m sure they will influence my training for the rest of my life. Thanks Scooby! “