This is Ardo from Garden Grove, CA. Its hard to believe that you can make such a transformation in 8 months but losing weight does amazing things! Ardo was obviously strong before and removing the bodyfat exposed a hard rippling abs. An important point is illustrated by Ardo’s amazing success, you get abs thru cardio and nutrition – not ab exercises!

Ardo writes:

Hey my name is Ardo and I am a huge fan. First off, I would like to thank you for your inspirational videos… you don’t know how many people actually receive knowledge through your website and videos. You must have saved me hundreds of dollars just in supplements alone. 

I’m 21 years old from Garden Grove California… initially weighed 205 and now I’m at about 176 

I started bodybuilding and it seriously changed my life.. everything changed.. a person finally understands that hard work and dedication only pays off if you really stick to it and stay consistent. The discipline that I got from that I use for everyday life. Thanks again! 

The first picture was about 8 months ago and the second was a month ago. “