This is Andreas from Sweden and he is proof that teens can correct this obesity problem with good, old fashioned exercise and nutriton! In 15 months he went from a very overweight teen to a ripped model. Andreas also illustrates that its important not to expect instant results. He worked hard for 15 months to achieve this amazing transformation but because he changed his lifestyle rather than doing a fad diet, his fantastic physique will only improve with time.

Congratulations Andreas!

Andreas writes:

“Hey Scooby. I just want to start with saying that I really like your vids and your website. It has helped me alot.

First name : Andreas
Age: 18
City/Country: Ostersund/Sweden
Before picture taken: January 2008
After picture taken: Today accually. (5th march 2009)
Weight, before picture: 95kg
Weight, after picture: 79,5kg

As you can see on the before picture I used to be a lazy and not very healthy guy. But you help me change my lifestyle. Through hard work and good nutrition I’ve reached where I am today, and I feel great! Today I lift weight 4-5 times a week and do atleast 30 min cardio after every workout. And this is a lifestyle I wanna keep the rest of my life. Thanks alot Scooby for giving me inspiration and motivation.