This is Alyssa from Santa Ana, California and what a transformation she made! In two years she lost 30 pounds of fat and got amazingly toned, look at those abs! Congratulations Alyssa! I hope your success will inspire countless other women! She hasnt stopped either. She is going to be entering a contest this Fall, good luck Alyssa!

Alyssa writes:


“Ive always been a chubby short girl and I really got into health and fitness when I turned 18 but once college started it became so difficult to fit eating well and working out into my life, with my busy school schedule I really thought I couldnt do it. I kept falling off track and never saw results. When I found Scooby I couldnt believe all the easy ways he showed me on how to eat well even if you have a crazy busy life, theres never an excuse. I picked up all the good habits again on eating well and how to train efficiently with Scooby’s help and the body fat just started coming right off. I have never been so much happier in my life. One rule I always follow thanks to Scooby is, “If it tastes good, spit it out!!” Thanks Scooby for all your help!

I want any male or female out there to know that if there is a will there is a way, dont ever say you cant do it, because if you think you cant do it then you cant but if you believe you can do it then you will do that and more. I hope my success story can motivate other females out there who have struggled with their weight and want to stop the yo-yo dieting for good!