Turbat Gets Jacked!

Turbat Gets Jacked

weight loss & muscle gain succes

Hi it’s Turbat from Mongolia. Now im 19 and have been working out over 3 years now. Ive been introduced to bodybuilding when i was 16 in P.E class and ever since im still doing it. As newbie ive made one big mistake that i really wish i had known from the beginning. Nutrition!!! Before i found this amazing website i was working so hard and all but didnt emphasize the importance of nutrition. Thus i was not really getting maximum results from my workout and hard gainer like me was so frustrated on the slow process. Thankfully i found this website in the nick of time and I’m really grateful for all the information has provided. I could not have reached the point where im at now without Scooby. Thanks !!!

Thats quite an incredible transformation Turbat, congratulations!  Thanks for sharing your story.  Many 16 year olds right now are where you were, your story shows them what is possible.!