Stephen’s Fat Loss and Muscle Gain Success Story


weight loss & muscle gain succes

22 yr old
Missoula, MT
Before picture was taken December of 2010 at 195 lbs. After picture was taken April 2013 at 168 lbs.

I started out with a very poor diet, a lot of junk food and soda, and not a second of exercise. Over time I have slowly made more and more adjustments incresing food restrictions and gym time. I am currently adhere to a strict nutrition plan, as suggested on your website, and exercise 7 days a week (I usually do 6 days of weight training with 30 min of cardio) and longer endurance cardio training on the seventh day. The biggest thing that i have gotten out of training is teaching myself how to set goals and obtain them. Whether that is working out, or studying for school etc. I found time to work out by replacing it with the other free time i would spend doing nothing, like watching tv, or messing around on the internet, i now don’t really have time to do that at all now but its not that important anyway! I enjoy living my new healthy lifestyle. I think back now to all the crap I use to consume and i get a stomach ache! I don’t remember too much about how much weight i use to lift or any or those numbers, honestly its never been much of a concern to me, my main focus has been on trying to have flawless nutrition and muscular physique. Its hard to stick to a diet especially as a young guy, there is a lot of pressure from friends and family to eat BIG! Its tough when i eat with my family because they pretty typical american diets. One thing that im very pround of is my increased ability to do cardio. When i started, a mile was a long run and i couldnt run the whole way. Now i can run 4-5 in 30min pretty easy. I just want to say thank you for everything that you do. You have changed my life and i can’t thank you enough!


Stephen, your before photo cracks me up – I love the attitude :)  Congratulations on turning your nutrition around, its clearly paid off!