Skinny-Fat To Muscular And Ripped

Skinny-Fat To Muscular And Ripped

weight loss & muscle gain succes

name: rick
age: 35
oklahoma city, ok
before photos- aug 2008
after photos- aug 2011 (note i’ve continued to progress, but these are my best photos).
before weight: 205
after weight: 170

What can I say? My look and my lifestyle have completely changed. I went from being a ‘skinny fat’ ectomorph (big stomach but skinny everywere else) who ate fast food every day, to being a lean, muscular, clean eating fitness freak.
Why did I make the changes? At the age of 31 I realized I had to start taking better care of my body. I’m a pharmacist. I knew that the path I was taking would lead be down a road of high blood pressure, high cholesterol, possibly diabetes, and many prescription medications.
Thankfully I stumbled upon Scooby on you tube. I began packing all my meals for the day. I began working out three days per week and slowly progressed to an intermediate and then advanced body builder.

The most valuable lessons I learned from Scooby:
1)There IS no magic pill, supplement, testosterone booster, etc that allows a shortcut to building lean muscle mass.
2)Being lean and muscular is hard work. There are no shortcuts.
3)Gains are slow but steady. Realistic expectations are the key to preventing burn out and discouragement.
4)We eat for fuel…not for enjoyment. (attached photo of typical food day)
5)When working out- INTESITY, focus, and form are a must.

I’m just a normal guy, but my fitness success has been flattering. I’ve been featured in Maximum Fitness magazine, Eat Clean Diet website and possibly the next Tosca Reno book, and transformation of the week on BodySpace.
I don’t stay in shape for the glory of it though, I do it for my health. We only get one body and we need to take care of what we have been given.

I’m thankful to Scooby for the wealth of knowledge that he has shared. It has been life changing.

Hey Rick, amazing – you look like a teen again!  Bodybuilding isnt just for twenty year olds as you do a great job of showing here, its party of a healthy lifestyle for people of all ages.  When you are fit and healthy inside, you look fit and healthy outside :)