Self Image Makeover!

Self Image Makeover!!

weight loss & muscle gain succes

* Eric
* 22
* New Orleans, LA, U.S.A.
* June 21, 2009 before and April 6, 2013 after
* 115lbs before and 148lbs after
* I started off with a horrible self image. I was anorexic at 115lbs, getting bullied and unable to run due to knee injuries. After trying out a lot of sites with bad advice, I found yours. I started off using dumbbells, but had to switch to a mostly body weight routine because I was traveling a lot.
Your nutritional advice and tools have been a major part in my transformation. Your travel workouts and advice have come in handy, and your tips on running have gotten me from serious pain to a below 3 hour marathon time.
I’ve had some hard times with addictions, but your videos have always been hilarious and motivating which were two things I always needed to help me then. Even though now I get crap for spending too much time training, exercise gives me something stable in life and I feel and look stronger and healthier than I have ever been. Thank you for all your hard work Scooby!

Wow Eric,  you have had some rough times but you turned it around!  With that physique its no wonder your self confidence has improved!  A sub 3 hours marathon time? You crazy dude!  If we were racing together … I would never see you :)