Scooby’s Healthy Hash

Scooby’s Healthy Hash

This is an amazing healthy and filling meal that you can make in 2 minutes and its so good that even people who normally hate healthy food like it! Not only is it fast to make but you can probably make it with what you have in the refrigerator right now. I hate those “simple” recipes that start by sending you on a five hour scavenger hunt at your local grocery store.  Lets start with the nutritional numbers for this recipe:

One portion, 262 Calories
Protein Carbs Fat
28 grams 21 grams 8 grams
114 calories 84 calories 64 calories
44% 32% 24%


Here are the simple ingredients.  If you don’t have them at home next time you go get them, they keep in the refrigerator/freezer a long time!

  • 6 egg whites
  • 1 cup (140g) mixed frozen vegetables
  • 2 (8g) teaspoons olive oil
  • no salt seasoning


  1. Turn heat on high, put in the olive oil, spread it around, then dump in the mixed frozen vegetables and mix.prejudicedThen add some organic no salt seasoning.   Now sauté them till they are dry and a bit crispy.  No need to defrost the vegetables first!
  2. While the vegetables are sautéing, go ahead and separate your eggs or get out your carton of egg whites.
  3. When the veggies are nice and dry and crispy we dump in the egg whites and cook till dry.

There you have it, a healthy two minute meal thats so good that even fussy eaters will like it! Just a hint, don’t tell people its healthy because people are prejudiced to think of healthy as bad tasting.

About Egg Yolks

People give me grief about throwing out egg yolks so lets talk about it a bit. Are egg yolks good for you? Yes, they are full of vitamins and minerals but moderation is the key.  Eating a few whole eggs a week is healthy for you but eating ten in one sitting is not.  If you want in this recipe, use 5 egg whites and one whole egg – that will get you the nutritional benefit of the yolk without going overboard.  If you want don’t want to waste the yolks then buy pre-separated egg whites in a carton, it saves time too!

About “No-Salt Seasoning”

In the USA, these no-salt seasoning mixes are very common in all supermarkets although I realize that in europe they are not as common.  They are simply pre-made mixes of spices for people like me with no skill or imagination when it comes to combinging spices.  Here are two examples of no-salt seasonings commonly available in the USA:

Lawry’s “Salt-Free 17 Seasoning”:

Lawry's Salt-Free 17 Seasoning Ingredients

Costco “Organic No-Salt Seasoning”:

Costco No Salt Seasoning Ingredients