Ran’s Life Transformation Success Story

Ran’s Life Transformation Success Story

weight loss & muscle gain succes
Age: 24
City and Country: Sydney, Australia
When the before and after picture were taken: Before taken in April/2012, After taken in March/2013
Before and after weight: Before was 97kgs with about 20% bf (didnt have a good bf caliper so not 100% sure ). After was 82kg with 5% bf
A paragraph about yourself and your training:
By the beginning of 2012 i was at my highest weight ever. i have tried loosing weight before and did so by starving myself, but when the weight bounced back i will always be heavier than ever.

One day somehow i watched one of scooby’s videos, i forgot which one it was but one line he said really changed my perspective, he said “as soon as you say your going on a diet, you’ve already failed because when you go on a diet, that implies you will come off it and you will go back to the way you were, thats why if you really want to loose weight and get health, you need to change your lifestyle” that made alot of sense to me and i decided to change my life style.

I’ll try and keep this short, for the first few monthes, all i did was workout 4 time a week, following alone with scooby’s chest, back, should and arms workout videos at home with my weights, and 1 day of basketball, and i started eating healthy, making the right choices and avoiding junk.

In Sep of 2012, i took it to the next level. I made a spread sheet in excel which planned out the exact amount of protein, carbs, fat and calories in a meal, i cooked every 4 days and spread the food into 24 containers, 6 meals a day. Also i started doing cardio, jogging around the streets 2-4 times a week.

At this point, i realized how important nutrition is, i was feeling more and more energetic, i was recovering alot faster, i can feel my immune system working better because i wasnt getting sick and my gum infection is gone for the first time in years. i did this until around christmas, i reached 8% body fat

At the start of 2013 i decided to try carb cycling, it was great, i got down to 5% bf easily without losing any muscle at all. I think low carb diet really suits me personally because i didnt feel any of the negative affects like low on energy and hard to concentrate.

Now i am currently eating at a caloric surplus to gain more mass, my body seems to respond very well to exercise and i am gaining strength and mass every month.

Strength changes: used to bench 30kg dumbells, now doing 42.5kg
Life outlook: reading the “7 habits” has completely changed my life’s perspective, i am now a principle centred person and i am more confident than ever. Also i’ve learnt to not judge, but appriciated other people knowing that everyone’s different. most importantly my life is much more balanced than before, i dont worry as much because i know whats really important in life.

 Ran, you are a true inspiration and are a great example of the kind of progress that can be made when you are serious, intelligent, and realistic about fitness. Congratulations!