Radek Gains 10kg Of Lean Muscle

Radek Gains 10kg Of Lean Muscle

weight loss & muscle gain succes

Hi Scooby. My friend and biggest supporter in fitness made me resend my success story apply with a photo truly showing my progress with proper lightning and legs. :) Can you please somehow confirm that you read this message? Radek
your first name: Radek
your age: 19
your city and country: Jáchymov, Czech Republic
when the before and after pictures were taken: before – 28th march 2012, after – 25th april 2013

your before and after weight: before – 153lb (69.7kg), after 176lb – (79.8kg)

Current bodyfat: 9.8%
I’ve never really been into sports when i was younger. I did some recreational cycling or roller blades when I was forced to by my parents. Did recreational boxing classes at age of 14 for about a year. From age of 17 to 18 I gained weigth that I wasn’t really pleased with. So I started getting into weigth lifting. My friend who has been lifting for some time made me a simple full body workout plan and I sticked to it for about 2 months (where is the before photo taken from) until I started to experiment with my own way of training. At about 4th month of my progress I discovered Scooby’s website and it changed my training philosophy and nutrition habits. Now it is more than a year since I started my way.

Radek, congratulations!  Happens to so many of us, for whatever reason we dont take to sports as kids but only discover their joy later in life.  Congratulations on your 20 pounds of solid muscle!