Pharmacists Perfects Prescription For Weight Loss

Pharmacists Perfects Prescription For Weight Loss

weight loss & muscle gain succes

Name: Khaqan

Age: 25
City: Bahawalpur
Country: Pakistan
Before pics dated: 23rd july 2011
After picture dated: 23 january,25 january and 28 january 2012
Before weight: 85 kg
After weight: 70 kg

“Hello its Khaqan from Pakistan and by profession a pharmacist. my weight was 85 kg(204 lbs) then i felt i must take my weight seriously. i started loosing extra pounds by running. My weight reduced to 75 kg(180 lbs) approx. then searched this man on youtube (scooby) & his home workouts, started my home workouts to be in shape.along with my regular cardios and training in the gym and at home now i feel much confident and attractive i think :) ”

Hey Khaqan, congratulations on your weight loss!!! There are no magic weight loss pills Рits exercise and good nutrition as you used.  Congratulations!