Pec Gap and Steinerism

Pec Gap and Steinerism

The five causes of pec gap and Steinerism and the best exercises to fix pec gap.

The Five Causes Of Pec Gap (Chest Gap)

Least common listed first:

Cause #1 of pec gap – Steinerism and unknown causes pec gap

(00.20%)  This is actually really rare and the causes are not completely known.  Many times the pec gap is incorrectly attributed to Steinerism when its really one of the below causes that is responsible.  It could be weird growth patterns caused by adults taking growth hormone,  muscle tears caused by steroid use, or some unknown cause.  One thing scientists find is that the simplest theory that fits the facts is usually the correct one and in this case the simplest solution is that those claiming “Steinerism” are simply trying to cover up their illegal drug use or cosmetic surgery.

Cause #2 of pec gap – Pec tears and detachment

(00.40%) Muscle tear pec gap.  Some pec gaps are caused by traumatic injury like a detached pec and muscle tears.  When the pec re-attaches, it grabs on ‘downstream’ of where it was opening a gap.  Who is most likely to have pec tear? People who have stronger muscles than tendons.   Guess what, when people use steroids their muscle get strong a lot faster than the tendons attaching them to the bone do and that increase the chance of muscle tears.

Cause #3 of pec gap – Cosmetic surgery

(00.40%) Pec implants cause pec gap both from synthol or traditional inserts.  All the pec implants I have seen leave a gap.   I believe the problem is that if they try to put the two pec implants too close together they become a uni-boob so they spread them apart making them look more like breasts than pecs.

Cause #4 of pec gap – Bad genetics

(34.00%) Perfect pec genetics are rare, Arnold Schwarzenegger is the only person who comes to mind.  He had perfect square pecs with no gap.  You either have perfect pec gap genetics or you don’t.  If you don’t, there is absolutely nothing you can do about it without surgery because its determined by where the pec muscles attach to the sternum.  In someone with perfect pec genetics, the pec muscles attach right at the centerline.  In someone with imperfect genetics they leave a gap.  In the worst cases of pec genetics, not only is there pec gap but its not symmetrical either.  This is the second leading cause of pec gap.  Do all the “inner pec” exercises you want and it will not make one bit of difference.

Cause #5 of pec gap – Bad workout plan or impatience

(65.00%) The truth is that most people googling for “pec gap” or “best exercises for inner pecs” only have one problem – they have no pecs at all.  Either their workout plan is bad, they do not workout consistently, they do not workout with sufficient intensity, they do not have enough workout volume or they simply have not had the patience to give it the years required to show results. You dont build pecs in months, you build them in years and decades.  If you have huge, strong pecs, nobody is going to notice the gap except an IFBB judge, everyone else is going to say “Daym dude, you are JACKED!”.



How to fix pec gap (chest gap)

10 secrets to huge pecs

The solution is simple but time consuming, just follow a good workout plan, either powerlifting style workout or bodybuilding style workout.  There is no need to modify it in any way for your chest gap.  As your pecs get larger, the gap does not change but it becomes far less noticeable.  Who is going to notice that this pro bodybuilder has pec gap, all they will notice is huge pecs!


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