Pawel loses 45 pounds

Pawel loses 45 pounds

weight loss & muscle gain succes

Hello Scooby,


Age: 30
Address: Krakow, Poland
Before picture: 07.2010, weight 82 kg, 30% Body Fat.
After picture: 04.2013, weight 62kg, 7% Body Fat.

About myself:

I was overweight my entire life and I felt bad about it. I tried to do something. I did thousands of crunches, jogged and played soccer but there were no results. Now I know that was because I never paid attention to my diet. And it was horrible: fast foods, sweets, sweet beverages, lots of alcohol (especially beer).

When I was 27 I had a bad knee injury, I break my anterior cruciate ligament and have 2 serious surgeries. After that I decided that I have to loose weight definitely, because it would be better for my injured knee. But back then I didn’t really know how to do it. I had very few information about it, and most of it was incorrect. But that was going to change when one time at a gym I heard about some “Nutrition Nazi”, a guy named Scooby who was making some YouTube films about loosing weight. “Proper nutrition, that sounds reasonable, maybe I should try. I have to investigate what this mysterious guy has to say.” – I thought.

First film that I saw was “Don’t drink your calories – easiest way to loose weight” This simple quote was so reasonable that it had to be true. In my opinion this film was a masterpiece. To date it is my favorite one. For the next few days I searched YouTube for more. I also started to investigate your website. Then I started putting your advice into practice; proper nutrition, reading nutrition labels, calorie counting, daily cardio. Results come very quickly. I started loosing weight. Next, I started weightlifting using your workout plans. You and your website impressed me a lot. Every single advice worked perfectly with my body. I felt that my entire life was going to change and it was so exciting.

Now I weight 62 kg (136 lbs) with about 7% of body fat. Currently I work with your advanced workout plan to gain more muscle mass. I also train boxing, cycling and jogging.
I really enjoy my new lifestyle. Workouts every day, good and healthy meals, a lot of sleep, avoiding alcohol. With this daily routine I feel great all the time. I feel healthy and fit and I have more self-confidence than before.

It has been a great Journey for me and I am aware that it only has started. It wasn’t easy but it was worth it. I want to be healthy and fit for the rest of my life.

In the end I have to say that you do a fantastic job with helping people around the world with huge amount of proven fitness information. Maybe what you are saying doesn’t sound nice and easy (workouts, daily cardio, proper nutrition – these things require a lot of sacrifice) but it works, is 100% true and it is free, thanks to you!

Thanks Scooby!!!

Best wishes!!!


Congratulations Pawel!  That is quite a transformation.  Whether you know it or not, you are a huge inspiration to those who know you and those who will see your success story here.  Thanks for sharing!