One legged lat dumbbell row

One legged lat dumbbell row

I like my combination exercises.  With time at a premium, my days of simple isolation exercises with lots of rest between them are long over.  I like to do exercises that give you the most bang for your buck and this is one of them.  Its a great lat exercise but its also a great core exercise and balance exercise at the same time!  Three times the benefit in the same amount of time.  You can do this exercise with a dumbbell or a kettlebell.  Although this looks the same as a single arm dumbbell row for lats that you do  on the workout bench, its much harder.  I would suggest using about 60% of the weight that you can do on a bench.

The balance takes some practice, hang in there, you will get it after a few months.  Remember use the weight for balance!  You cant over-power a misplaced weight with the tiny stabilizing muscles in your ankle.

Single-leg-dumbbell-row-down-position The hardest thing is getting into the start position.  keep the shoulders as parallel to the floor as you can, dont let the shoulder doing the work drop toward the floor (as I am here I might add).  The supporting leg should be slightly bent to aide balance.  Try to get your body as horizontal as possible.  Hint: Drop your torso way lower than you think it should go and raise your foot way higher than you think it should go and your position will be about right.  Try to keep this torso position the whole set long.
Single-leg-dumbbell-row-up-position  Now slowly raise the dumbbell/kettlebell up to your hip trying to keep your torso immobile.  Keep your leg high and your head low to counteract the tendency to drag the foot.