This is Tomas from Kaunas, Lithuania and he gained 26 pounds (12kg) of solid muscle in three years. When he started he was a skinny teen and look at him now! With three years of dedicated workouts and strict nutrition he transformed his physique from skinny teen to Men’s Fitness cover model. Teens often ask how long it takes to gain muscle and Tomas here is a great example, I would say that his results are pretty optimal – in other words, don’t expect to do gain muscle any faster than Tomas here :) He coupled knowledge, hard work, strict nutrition and a teen growth spurt to add his 26 pounds muscle in 3 years.

Tomas Writes:

“Hi my name is Tomas and here’s my story:
I was always active and participated in all kind of sports,
I was academic rower for 4 years but unfortunately i messed up my back and had to stop working out and stop rowing for few years until my back is fully healed, in that time i lost my shape and lost a lot of weight( i hated how i looked), when my back fully healed and i wanted to get back to rowing but it was too late… So i decided just to start working out at home i gathered as much information as i could find on the internet, and there i found Scooby, he helped to improve my workouts a lot, i kept following him until now and just look at me now lol”