This is Shahzad from Etobicoke, Canada. He gained 18 pounds in 13 months and you can tell its all muscle because he is just as ripped afterward! He accomplished this amazing metamorphosis using just a pair of dumbbells and a pullup bar! You dont need an expensive gym and you dont need to spend lots of money – all you need is knowledge (free on this website!), determination, and willingness to work hard like Shahzad did. He is 15 in the before picture and many kids his age worry that they will never get bigger, look what can happen with good nutrition and hard workouts! Please note that these kinds of gains are not normal unless you are experiencing a natural growth spurt along with your weight lifting gains.

Shahzad writes:

“Hi, im shahzad, i came across scooby’s videos about a couple months after the time i started bodybuilding, these videos helped me out so much, i already liked the idea of home workout and weightlifting with the least amount of equipment possible, i always thought that the best workouts you can do are the ones without a machine or without lots of equipment. scoobys videos made my knowledge so much better and i started to workout way smarter, and i got the concept of slow and controlled movements from him. But what got me started on bodybuilding was being picked on and called skinny, i was always picked on so i decided i needed to make a change and when i saw scooby, he looked really big and i thought if i was his size i wouldnt get picked on anymore, so i started working out and seeing changes and ever since kept on watching his videos and kept on working out. i took lots of protein every day, (100% natural ones like scooby said), and i used a split workout routine, monday chest, tuesday back, wednesday arms, thursday legs, and friday shoulders.
oh and by the way almost all the results you see in the picture was from a pair of dumbbells my dad use to workout with, and a metal rod and my schools gym, and ofcourse slow pushups like scooby said.”