This is Rodrigo from Sydney, Australia and he gained 11 pounds of solid muscle, you can really see it on his arms, chest and shoulders. Rodigo is proof you can gain muscle mass without gaining fat, he obviously didn’t add an ounce of fat as he is ripped! Congratulations Rodrigo!

Rodrigo writes:

“My training/lifestyle improved 100x after I found some of your videos on youtube and started accessing your website. My workout itself wasn’t the real big problem, my biggest problem was that I would only change my routine after 4 or 5 weeks, and still I would only change some of the exercises while keeping the same concept. For example doing 4 sets of 8 reps. The real big changes I made were with my nutrition. Before I’d only have a glass of milk in the morning at 6am. Then lunch at 1pm and dinner at about 9pm. I never realized how horrible that was.

Now I’m at university (almost finished), what consumes a lot of my time and also work overnight shifts from 7pm to 7am every other week and I’m still impressed with my progress. Thanks to all the preparation I absorbed from you I always have some healthy food in my bag and some frozen food in my freezer.

Thanks again for your great work Scooby.

Rodrigo Nikolof”