This is Nhat from Tampa, Florida and look at his remarkable body transformation! This is a transformation in the true sense of the word, his weight didn’t change that much but boy his body composition certainly did! He lowered his bodyfat and added muscle in about the same amounts. Notice how much more massive he looks in the after picture even though his weight is about the same. When you are ripped like Nhat is here, you look more massive! People often ask if you can turn fat into muscle, no you cant! Its two completely independent processes. What Nhat did was watched his nutrition and did cardio to remove the bodyfat and to add the muscle he worked out hard on the weights and made sure to eat sufficient protein at the proper intervals. Congratulations Nhat!!!

Nhat writes:

“Hi Scooby. It’s Nhat from Tampa, Florida. before picture was taken on August 22nd 2009 that time i was about 130 pounds. After picture was taken on June 11th 2010, I was 132 pounds.
– First of all, thank you so much Scooby for everything. you have been motivating me so much, just want to let you know. Here was how I got to know you. I got to know you when I first watched your video on youtube which was called “Resolution: Lose Weight And Get In Shape!”. I was like ” wow, this must be the man that I’ve been looking for”, and I follow every of your advice since then. you also have changed me, not only physical appearance, but my life style. I am not lazy anymore. I became a very confident person. I also became very easy in eating when i comes to food( only healthy foods), there are a lot to say. As a whole, I became a much better person. thanks to you Scooby 1000 times, you are the man. Oh by the way, my six-pack abs started to show up for the first time about 2 weeks ago. that was unbelievable to me. thank you! keep up good work Scooby.