This is Mike from Cambell Hall, Ny and look at his transformation – he went from skinny teen to muscular with 2.5 years of hard work and strict nutrition. Look at the difference in his chest, shoulders and arms! Its not easy for skinny teens to gain muscle but it can be done with enough determination. Congratulations Mike!

Mike writes:

“Hi scooby, My name is Mike I ‘m from Campbell Hall, NY. I’m 16 years old soon to be 17 in a couple days (if that matters) and I would like to enter my success story. The before picture was taken about 1 1/2 years ago despite the transformation took 2 1/2 years that’s the earliest picture I can find. Furthermore the before picture was taken this year April 25th. In the before picture I weighed about 119lbs and in the after picture I weigh about 130lbs. Most importantly I just want to say thank you for the great information you provide. Many fitness trainers online either provide wrong information and false expectations and sometimes a small fee for access to their website. When I first started training I was learning from bodybuilding.com which is a good website however it contains some bad information. When I stumbled upon your videos not only did they enlighten me with good information but they have taught me how to seek out whether information from other websites is good or bad. My nutrition is extremely strict and my training schedule is a 4 day split. As I learned from you I mix up my routines every few weeks and usually stick to heavy weights but always make sure I train light to give my joints some rest. After 2 1/2 years of training I can gladly say I’m no longer skinny which has increased my confidence and impressed my family and others in my family who I found out were famous bodybuilders. Other than building muscle I’ve learned another thing from you that others neglect, HEALTH! Not many people today take it seriously. Thank you so much scooby for the information about fitness and health it has gotten my very far and practically changed my life.”