This is Matt from Melbourne Australia and Matt has been helping me out on my facebook fan page since the beginning. Matt has had a great transformation, he has added 9 pounds while reducing his bodyfat – a true transformation. Congratulations Matt! BTW, I know its funny that I put Matt in the weight loss success stories when his weight went up, not down. Its because of the belly he lost! :)

Matt writes:

“Three years ago I realised I had neglected my body and was getting a little chubby. So I began training. After 2 years I got ok results, till I finally realised that diet is kinda important! I trained up till December 2010 with not bad results then took a 3 month break. At that point I was about 72kg (158lb). I started hitting it hard on the 14th of March 2011. Eating 3000 calories a day and training hard 5 days a week. In 4 weeks my bench press went from 60kg (132lb) (I was stuck on that for one whole year) to 72.5kg (160lb). I put on 4kg (9lb) of muscle – fat stayed the same. I feel for once that I’m actually beginning to have my goals in sight (a lean low 80’s kg (~180lb)). Can’t wait to continue training like this till the year is out and if all continues as it is currently going, I’ll be able to switch over to a maintenance routine before we see the sight of 2012 on our little calendars.”