This is Marcin from Chicago Illinois and he is proof that tall people can gain muscle! He gained a whopping 12 pounds of muscle on his 5’5″ frame in 6 months. Congratulations Marcin!!! That took a lot of hard work and nutritional discipline. Just to set your expectations, don’t be expecting to gain 12 pounds of muscle every 6 months!

Marcin writes:

“Actually i attempted to go to the gym but i failed time after time (no progress, bad habits, no nutrition plan, no routine, no knowledge at all). The only one thing that worked a bit on my body was my job (UPS unloader) which naturally required me to progress, but as you can see on the pictures it was just pathetic. After i found you page (actually i got it from my friend post on FB) and forum i spent a lot of time watching videos and reading FAQ. Than i realized how many mistakes i did and how bad my routine was. The only one thing i calculated before was BMI, but after researches on your web i found some info about BF% and TDEE. It was clear, i didn’t get enough calories and whats worse i didn’t provide proteins at all (junk food) so my work progress was just an illusion. Another 2 days i was reading a lot your web, mostly about nutrition and FAQ about routine (on forum). What’s more after seeing pictures i realized that “I can do it to”. And i did, step by step i figured most of the basics and started working out REGULARLY and with passion. Unfortunately most of the guys on the gym are much bigger than me (im just 6’5” and actually 139lbs) but i found your article about attitude and heard a lot about passion and dedication from your videos. Now as you see i gain some weight (it’s not fat because i checked BF% {i guess it’s the mass my body lacked due to not provide enough calories [it used muscle as fuel]}), and actually i also gained a lot of discipline and i guess respect to my body (proper diet and not playing {i know it stupid} another hero). What else? For sure i got a better mood because i accept my body. Working out also made my body stronger what helps a lot at work and reduces “work stress” a lot. All this improved my performance both at the gym and at work.

Thank you a lot :)

And i will keep it up :) You got my promise :)

PS. Cardio is fun :) Never know about it (always thought 6 pack comes from sit-ups {that why i read myths section first i guess})